Islamabad is the hub of some of the most popular housing schemes in Pakistan. Fortunately, this big project is under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s New Pakistan Housing Program. In addition, Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an upcoming luxury real estate project in the heart of the federal capital. It is also close to Chakri Interchange and New International Airport. In addition, this economical housing solution offers low-cost residential plots at affordable prices.
The developer aims to build state-of-the-art infrastructure and carefully planned society facilities at the disposal of valued residents. Furthermore, the project is the most significant and profitable investment hub with a civic perspective and cutting-edge developmental change. In addition, the scheme provides a safe, calm, and innovative approach. The project, which comes under the New Pakistan Housing Program, has a valid no-objection certificate. In addition to the advanced amenities and facilities, the availability of the property at a discounted rate makes it even more attractive.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC

Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC is an acronym used for No Objection Certificate. This housing society is a fully legal housing scheme with NOC approval under the New Pakistan Housing Program. In addition, approval is granted under DRG / PHATA / 2176-2021. The project is approved by Pakistan Housing and Town Planning Management. NOC approval is required as it states that the project is safe to invest in. Furthermore, since it has been approved, experts predict that future plot prices will rise soon as property prices rise.

Developers and Owners of Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is the developer and owner of Kingdom Group. Developers are well known for their real estate projects. The company is offering a variety of housing plans. Developers offer a range of the following property services.

  • Sales
  • Media
  • After-Sales
  • Consultancy
  • Architecture
  • Management
  • Construction
  • Development
  • Digital Marketing

The core values of the Kingdom Group

  • Truth
  • Skilled
  • Team Work
  • Responsible
  • Understanding

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location

Locations play a vital role when it comes to investing and housing. Furthermore, the most important factor in the decision-making of the region is due to the specific mentality. The argument is that the area offers a sense of security, and the proximity to the daily necessities is memorable. From now on, before transacting, individuals must ensure that the location is accessible from key areas of the city. The Wadi project area is located in an ideal location near Islamabad.
Kingdom Valley Islamabad is located near Chakri Interchange on the Lahore M-2 Motorway. The location of the scheme makes it an important development in Islamabad. The capital is well-suited to well-known housing societies such as Smart City, silver city islamabad, Blue World City, and Mumtaz City.

Kingdom Valley Master Plan

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad Master Plan is being implemented at the government level. In addition, the area of about 15000 kanals covers the entire development of the society. Kingdom Valley Project plots include residential, commercial, overseas, farmhouses and villas at extremely affordable rates.
In addition to the housing scheme master plan, a state-of-the-art infrastructure building, theme parks, high-tech healthcare facilities, and other facilities are part of this master plan. Furthermore, we strongly encourage investors to invest in this real estate housing scheme to avail the best benefits and facilities in Valley Islamabad.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s payment plan is flexible and affordable. Cost-effective prices of plots make it one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the real estate market. Plots for sale in Kingdom Valley Housing Society Rawalpindi are open for booking.
All you have to do is contact Silver Bells Associates and we will offer you the best investment opportunities in major cities of Pakistan. The management of Kingdom Valley Residential Society is presenting the following 4-year installment plans.

Access to Kingdom Valley

  1. Kingdom Valley Islamabad is accessible in the following ways:
  2. About 25 minutes from International Islamabad Airport
  3. M-2 is located very close to Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.
  4. About 26 minutes from Rawat Chakbeli Road
  5. About 25 minutes from Adiala Road
  6. 5 km away from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  7. About 5 minutes from Chakri Road
  8. About 5 minutes from Rawalpindi Cadet College
  9. New Islamabad International Airport
  10. Bahria Town Islamabad
  11. 5 km from Thalian Interchange on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
  12. 4 km from Chakri Interchange on Lahore-Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Nearby Landmarks & Places

Kingdom Valley in Rawalpindi is surrounded by many nearby places and places It is an ideal location away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, yet close enough that this distance will not be a problem for residents and investors. Furthermore, this real estate project allows for an amazing process in key parts of the city. This is an amazing zone of Islamabad where basically extraordinary and sophisticated construction work is going on. In addition, this exciting location puts it behind any other housing project. In addition, the various primary boulevards and expressways are designed primarily for the people, making the residence society more organized and easily accessible than the rest of the city. The development of high-quality infrastructure was ensured by the competent engineers of the company. Kingdom Valley Housing Scheme Rawalpindi is offering a range of the following residential plots:

  • M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway
  •  International Islamabad Airport
  • Qurtaba City
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi


Kingdom Valley Blocks

The Kingdom Valley consists of several Blocks as follows:

  • Residential Block
  • Commercial Block
  • Farmhouse Block
  • Kingdom Villas
  • Overseas (Executive Block)

Kingdom Valley Residential Plots

The residential plot is part of a housing scheme that dedicates residential properties to residents. The residential area is family-friendly, with all the amenities and facilities readily available. In addition, plots of different sizes are available according to the financial status and needs of the family. Therefore, the housing sector makes housing fully possible for residents, and the community offers an affordable payment plan.

  • 5 Marla
  •  8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  •  1 Kanal
kingdom valley general plots payment plan

Overseas Executive Block

Overseas Executive Block Design is for Pakistanis abroad. The executive block offers superior facilities and amenities compared to the rest of the housing society. Moreover, the habit of Pakistanis living abroad with the highest qualities and security is irreconcilable. The scheme offers plot size:

  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
kingdom valley executive block payment plan

Commercial Plots

Every society needs a commercial center to best serve its residents. Commercial plots are a great opportunity for investors who want to invest in safe and secure real estate ventures. Furthermore, with the NOC approval of the scheme, plot prices are rising sharply – commercial property position along Main Boulevard. In addition, retail fields and zones provide direct access to shops and markets for residents of each block. A well-known commercial site is located at the main entrance of the valley. In addition, although the community is directly connected to major roads such as Ring Road and Chakri Road, many areas have been set aside for this purpose. Commercial Plots are available in the following sizes.

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  •  8 Marla
kingdom valley commercial payment plan

Farm Houses

Living a busy and cowardly monotonous life can lead to stress. In addition, there is the desire to live in a quiet place from time to time to promote this busy routine. Likewise, the Valley Farmhouse is a place where people openly admire the natural splendor and experience extravagance. In addition, the developer is introducing a farmhouse to meet the high demand. Afterward, the location of the farmhouse is arranged in an ideal world environment in the central, quiet zone of the scheme.
There are also ‘Kingdom Farm Houses’ in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Farmhouses will provide residents with a beautiful and modern lifestyle.
Farmhouses are available in the following sizes

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  •  8 Kanal
kingdom valley farm houses payment plan

kingdom Villas

The developers of the housing scheme have brilliantly designed the villas for the convenience of the residents. Kingdom Villas is an initiative aimed at raising the bar for a luxurious lifestyle in Islamabad. Plus, it’s a great site for anyone looking to build a great home. Furthermore, it meets high expectations by focusing on the highest shopping and leisure destinations and culture and convenience. Theme parks, libraries, community centers, and grand mosques add to the charm of the villa by meeting all your social needs. In addition, the community offers villas of the following sizes:
Villas are available in the following sizes

  •  5 Marla
  • 3.5 Marla (single-storey)
  •  3.5 Marla (double-storey)

Executive Block Commercial Payment Plan

Executive Block Commercial Plot sizes are as follows

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
kingdom valley executive block payment plan

kingdom Apartments

Kingdom Valley plans to open Kingdom Apartments soon. The apartments will be located inside the multi-story building. The payment plan for Kingdom Apartments will be released soon.

Kingdom Heights

Another promising housing project will be launched in Kingdom Heights, Kingdom Valley. More details about the project will be shared soon.

Features of Kingdom Valley

  1.  Beautiful entrance gate
  2. Affordability
  3.  Grand Mosque
  4.  Water Resources
  5.  Eco-community
  6.  Education Complex
  7.  Accessibility
  8.  Club House
  9.  Retail Area
  10.  24/7 security
  11.  Maintenance
  12.  Boundary Wall
  13.  Gated community
  14.  Quality Development
  15.  Water, Gas, Electricity
  16.  Underground electrification
  17.  Sewerage and waste disposal system
  18.  World-class infrastructure development
  19.  Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
  20. Medical facilities offered by hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics

Kingdom Valley Facilities & Amenities

1.Secure and Gated Community

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a completely gated and secure society surrounded by a wall that surrounds all sides of the project. In addition, it is a wonderful, well-facilitated, safe and secure community for residents to live in a family-friendly environment. The developer ensures the provision of security guards and CCTV footage to maintain the security of the housing scheme.

2.Grand Mosque

The society will cater to all the needs of the residents including religious needs. For this, the developers are building a beautiful grand mosque. This mosque will be an intelligent mosque with all modern technology and architecture.

3.Educational Institutes

Ensuring that children receive an international education. The teaching staff will also be professional and trained in their specific fields to get the best education.
Education is also a top priority for the residents of Kingdom Valley Islamabad, for which the administration has dedicated a large tract of land to developing a world-class educational complex.

4.Business & Commercial Hub

The developers have taken care of all the needs of the residents, economic and commercial needs. Because of this, society will provide a complete commercial area. From these areas, residents can meet all commercial needs from within the community.

5.Theme Park

Recreational activities and leisure time are important for adults as well as children. In addition, another great feature of this affordable housing society is the theme park for the residents. The theme park includes amusement rides, swings, slides, and many more.

6.Continuous Supply of Utilities

The best facility is the uninterrupted supply of essential services like water, gas, and electricity. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, there is proper waste disposal and sewerage system. In addition, Housing Society developers incorporate an underground electrical wiring system that ensures that load shedding will not be a problem.

7.Health Facilities

The developers have paid special attention to the health facilities in society. To this end, developers will develop state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics. The emergency will be open 24/7, staff and doctors will be available at all times.


The graveyard is an integral part of any society. Life and death are part of life. Therefore, residents can choose to bury their deceased relatives and pray for the success of their eternal life. They can also visit the graves of their loved ones in the community.


Society will provide an eco-friendly close natural lifestyle with all modern conveniences. An environment close to nature will provide a unique experience that cannot be found in Pakistan’s housing societies.

Follow the instructions when buying and selling plots in Kingdom Valley

Document Verification

To maintain the transparency and legitimacy of the housing project, the individual needs to provide certain documents for booking. Documentation required below:

  •  A copy of the buyer’s CNIC
  •  A copy of next to kin’s CNIC
  • Passport size picture
  • Booking cost via cheque, pay order, or cash.

Financial Security

Before concluding any sale or purchase of a property, please ensure that your funds are aligned with your purchase plan. That way, your buying, and selling will go smoothly.

Property Visits

Before making any purchase and after assuring the accuracy of the documents, visit the site to make sure that the written documents are under the plot details.
Documentation Requirement for Booking:

    • Two passport size Pictures
    • NICOP for overseas clients
    • Two copies of your National Identity Card
    • Two copies of the I.D. card of your next of Kin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mr. Ghulam Shahid Hussain Sanpal is the developer of this housing estate.

Yes, Kingdom Valley Islamabad has been approved by New Pakistan Housing Scheme.This Housing project is fully legal under DRG / PHAT / 2176-2021 with the approval of NOC from Pakistan Housing and Town Planning Management.

Housing Scheme Lahore is located at Chakri Interchange towards Islamabad M-2 Motorway.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is being designed and developed to provide residents with a unique eco-friendly experience at affordable prices. A team of engineers, architects, and other staff, with years of experience, have worked hard to develop it.

The housing scheme offers residential plots, commercial plots, farmhouses, and villas.

You can get guidance from state land marketing agents. You can visit our office at City Arcade Plaza i8 Center Islamabad or contact us through the official number.

The housing scheme seeks to provide its residents with the necessary facilities, including 24-hour access to water, electricity, and gas.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a project being developed by Kingdom Group.

Yes, there is no doubt because of the plans of easy Kingdom Valley Islamabad installment. The administration has been instrumental in striking a balance between luxury and affordability.

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