Ministry invites proposal for monitoring unit of Kamyab Pakistan Programme

Kamyab Pakistan Programme

ISLAMABAD: According to our sources, the Ministry of Finance on Thursday (March 24) sought suggestions from competent institutions and corporations for showing and checking the multi-billion rupee Successful Pakistan Program (KPP).

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Collaborating organizations will compete to build the Successful Pakistan Program (KPP) Tracking and Assessment Unit, which will include wholesale banks, execution agencies, and micro-borrowers for you. Firms were asked to publish plans within weeks for screening developments in 5 key components. Primary tracking regions will include loans for farmers, businesses, housing, total scholarships based on skills, and health cards.

Similarly, organizations will develop strategies based primarily on quarterly metrics to track KPP, such as:

  • Tracking payments
  • Guarantee limit
  • Subsidies and billing
  • The power or solution of the implementing agencies
  • Unseen loans and receivables
  • Early precautionary signs

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